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Re: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

123Mike wrote:

"The A57 offers much more than anything else on the market, even at double the price."

I'm going to disagree with you there, at least in the UK. If you shop around you can get an A77 for less than 2x the price of an A57 & I would like to think that my A77 offers more than an A77 ;-).Iif the OP were to go with the A77+16-50/2.8 kit he could get that cheaper  (at least in the UK) than the 60D+15-55/2.8 that he was considering .

"I was focusing on the shooting speed and its compromises because that was the argument that was made. The A57 was supposed to be no good because at higher fps rates there are compromises. I have never said the 7D has an inferior AF system. My stance has not been to put other cameras down. My stance has been to highlight what the A57 is good at. Others are putting the Sony down. That's not my tactic. I look at the positives. Others here have been wanting to project negatives. So while I'm being accused of being aggressive, I'm actually not the one being negative here! If the 7D has a really efficient AF system, that's really interesting, and I'd like to know about that. "

Combined with an appropriate lens the A57 can do sports. The A77 can do sports better (better AF) and the 7D better again (even better AF & a deeper buffer). Just pulling figures out of the air but e.g. maybe at 8fps with a fast erratic subject an A57 might get 5 in focus, an A77 6 & a 7D 7. & it can shoot longer at those speeds than either your or my cameras before slowing down.  1 of those extra in focus shots might be "the money shot" .There are other differences but those are the important one for that role - of course a 7D is 3x the price of an A57. If sports is a once in a blue moon thing & the A57 does everything else that one wants the rest of the time then you get an  A57, if sports/action is a major proportion of your usage & your budget allows then you  buy something more suited to the role.

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