D800e Red Oversaturation

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Re: D800e Red Oversaturation

Slideshow Bob wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

The lower image is a nice example..... of the red channel blowing out!!!

What on earth are those "histogram" images you've put up there? The red channel is much closer to blowing out in both of those images, but your histogram suggests it's the green. That's completely at odds with the images you've posted.

Please explain what's going on here.

The histograms are of the Raw data. What is often missed in these arguments about the red channel being "blown out" is that what the data captured by the camera's sensor often is not blown out until a WB coefficient is applied to it; i.e., it is more often the amplification of the red channel that is the problem rather than the exposure of the red channel.

In the lower flower photo, the clipping in the red channel is due to it being converted to sRGB color space, and clipping is not the same as being "blown out" because there is no lost detail.

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