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Re: i have literally soaked my 24-120mm in rain, snow and used in sand

First of all stellar photos.  Kudos.

I guess I should have explained myself better.

Budget considerations are paramount.

The "work" I will be doing is a volunteer position so no income during my 3 month stay.

The "rain forest" is a 140 acres on one of the Hawaiian Islands.  The climate is technically rain forest but it won't be like I'm canoeing up the Amazon.

I will be doing landscaping (planting trees etc...) and will be camping on the property for about a month.  The rest of the trip I should have "housing"

So my concern for the camera is being able to handle dampness rather than Monsoon type weather though I'm sure there will be frequent storm activity.

In the short time I tested the Nikon d600 I did get the feeling it was a superior product compared to the Canon 6d.  But I think it is safe to say both cameras exceed my abilities.

I think the Nikon D7000 would be plenty of camera although I must say I have grown extremely fond of the full frame viewfinder.

I don't think the 24-120 f/4 would be wide enough on a DX body although I would like the extra "reach".  So all of a sudden I'm looking at a two lens kit which would be more expensive than the Canon 6d 24-105 combo.

Is the 24-105 optimal? No particularly on the long end on a full frame body.  But I'm having a hard enough time justifying $2200 for a new system when I won't have an income stream.

Have never used the Nikon 16-85 so perhaps I should look into that but then I'm back to DX again.  If Nikon would beef up their DX lens lineup...

But I'm on someone else's schedule and the whole thing could fall through soon.

Thanks for all your input

Sorry for the confusion about the "rain forest" and the apparent millionaire status of my OP...

D800e and a 70-200 f/2.8


firmly in 99percent territory

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