Still no sign of focus peaking for m43?

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Re: Be precise, please

I cannot believe I am going to make you look foolish and embarrass.

Hmmm, I don't see how you're making me look foolish or embarrassing me when I was quoting factual information from an article posted on Dpreview.


Focus peaking does not have do to with HARDWARE, it has to do with software such as ART filters in your cameras.

Btw FIRMWARE is dependent on a HARDWARE. It is software that runs on a chip vs an application layer on top of the OS which runs on the NEX latest Apps thing. So when I say HARDWARE it does mean FIRMWARE. You can NOT make your hardware do something if it doesn't have enough processing power to pull it off.

Focus peaking on the Sony looks essentially like a contrast detection detects edges and other elements that appear to have contrast and it does so on the fly and it does it instantaneously as you're manually adjusting take processing power.

Sony nex 3 and nex 5 received FOCUS PEAKING VIA FIRMWARE UPDATE AND those cameras are couple years old. OLDER THAN GH3.

Pentax K-01 and pentax Q also received focus peaking VIA FIRMWARE.

Patent and copyright is NONSENSE AS Panasonic has peaking in their video cameras. Also Leica now has them even FUJI has them.

Again Sony maybe using different processors with different capabilities which made it easier to introduce focus peaking. They might have planned for it all along and knowing how development works likely did exactly that. Bring something to market earlier and then put in the capabilities as you're still not done developing them.

See link below so you can learn how peaking works.


Also on sept. 19 2012. Panasonic rep says peaking can be added via firmware, I understand that your link is much more recent but that would mean that PANASONIC IS CONTRADICTING THEMSELVES.

Call me racist or a stereotype but it has to do with Japanese business and their pride.

The link you provided is not as detailed...both articles state resource constraints but mine gives out more details. It is possible that the processing engine they use has not be designed with focus peaking in mind as one of it's capabilities. As such it might be possible but requires a lot more development efforts.

I that link you posted on focus peaking is not how focus peaking works...that's just what one guys envisions it as working using a particular technique which may or may not be suitable for these cameras. It certainly doesn't seem like anything that Sony has.

So let's stick to the facts and stop making wild assumptions. And you need to educate yourself a bit on the whole hardware - software distinction.

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