Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Smiller4128 wrote:

I know there's probably a lot of topics on this already but I'm just looking for some quick suggestions. I'm trying to decide between the Sony NEX-6 or the Olympus OMD EM5. I have been leaning more towards the EM5 mostly due to the style and look of it. For whatever reason I absolutely love the way it looks. It also has a lot of lens options, fast AF, and a touchscreen. The Sony NEX on the other hand has a bunch of cool wifio features,, a lot more AF points, and excellent ergonmoics. My only hesitation with the NEX 6 is that there's not a whole lot of lens options. Are the lenses that are out for it though pretty sufficient? And, if you could, which camera would you recommend? I realize this is the NEX board and that might make the answer bias, but thats ok. I'm looking for user experiences more than anything right now. Thank you!

I see that you already posted on the m43 forum that you decided that will go with the EM5.

The caution is that some of the feedback over there seems a bit lopsided.

This is a Nex forum, and you may get the opposite feedback here.

Try to balance both feedback points, and decide which weight factors matter to you.

Also try google:

A replacement for the Nex-7 and OM-D EM-5 will be announced this year, the Nex-6 is current with the more advanced technologies (namely OSPDAF and WiFi).

Both cameras are good cameras. Trade-offs are numerous. I, as a Nex user, am of course biased, but I find the Nex cameras generally to bit harder to use, but they produce more rewarding images - it being due to crop factor (wider), noise performance (cleaner), DOF (shallower), built-in-flash, PDAF.

Because m43 and APS-C use different aspect ratios, APS-C images are a lot wider (if horizontal) - similar to CRT Tube TVs and newer HD LED TVs - I like the horizontal wider aspect ratio more. But it can be a negative for vertical images. Either way, for web, print, people shots, the m43 aspect ratio is often preferred - so take your pick.

A minor point, but one that matters to me, is that a Nex camera can be a true DSLR equivalent, in IQ, camera. A m43 camera is not. That means that any 'APS-C' based learning, documentation, etc. does apply to the Nex the same as it does to DSLR cameras.

If you are just an occasional user, a hobbyist, and plan to only purchase a few lenses, the OM-D EM-5 may be the better bet, as I say - it is an easier camera to get used to. It also adds IS to non-IS (legacy lenses), but keep in mind that the crop factor makes them 'longer'. This effect also can be a plus if you  prefer tele lenses over wide lenses.

But if you would become more of a system builder, are going to explore more boundaries, will eventually acquire more lenses (especially legacy lenses) and gain more experience, and even become a prosumer, or pro, then I think that the Nex-6 will be a more rewarding camera (system) in the long run.

In the end, it is your choice. But once you pick the camera, you are more likely to spend time on the forum that belongs to that camera. Look at the forums today and observe the varying discussions. For some (that I have seen leaving this forum for the Fuji, Leica or FM forums), this matters as well.

As to lens options, I think you should consider budget first. There are already more lenses available for either system than I think you are ready to purchase today. Neither system is cheap, and then there are the third party and legacy lens options.

The Nex camera has an interesting feature that the OM-D lacks - in the LA-EA2. It converts the Nex camera into a DSLR camera without OSS, meaning instant (true PDAF) focusing.

And when comparing lenses, do apply the crop factor: m43 is 2x, Nex is 1.5x, FF is 1.0x (normalized).

This means that a 20mm m43 lens correspond to a 30mm Nex lens and to a 52mm FF lens.

Or to say this in reverse, to get a 24mm FF lens FOV, you need a 16mm Nex lens and a 12mm m43.

And, in-spite of all the hype, I am convinced that the Nex-6 maintains higher IQ than the EM-5, assuming 'perfectly matched conditions' (FOV, lighting, focusing, tripod).

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