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Re: Really?

Having read the entirety of this thread, I can say that the only person here who fits the description below is: you.

You've been the aggressor.  You've been the pouncer.  You've tried to make yourself look big.

You've responded to most of the posters who've taken time to make reasoned responses to your posts with ad hominem attacks.

As a software developer of over 25 years (and a self-proclaimed polyglot), I'd love to see "an algorithm" that can do all that you say.  Go easy on me though...

Nonsense! You don't know what I know and what I don't know. I'm literally surrounded by a bunch of arrogant self entitled childish people around here. But you know what? I was warned about that. The other day I was at a camera store, and brought up the subject of online forums and DPR, and pretty much the whole store laughed. The utter shredding and ripping people apart here is just absurd. Insults flying on every single possible occasion. And where does it happen the most? In specific forums like this, where aggressive people like just can't wait to pounce on others. Trying to make yourself look big by trying to put the other guy down.

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