om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Re: om-d sound even when IBIS off??

Ron Outdoors wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Ron Outdoors wrote:

The noise is not the sensor moving. It's the gyroscope (for detecting camera movement) located in the viewfinder hump area of the camera. Originally it was on all the time when the camera was on. With the firmware update, it comes on when the shutter is partially pressed. When I turn off IS, the sound is pretty much gone on my camera.

No, it's not the gyroscope. See here:

Well, it's an interesting theory, but doesn't contradict what I wrote.

Yes it does.

First, the motion sensors would have to work in exactly the same way when stabilizing video exposure as when stabilizing stills exposure. Yet the noise level is much lower in the former case.

Second, the motion sensors wouldn't have to work when IBIS is turned off. Yet, the noise is of equal strength regardless of whether IBIS is on or off.

Third, other/earlier versions of Olympus IBIS of course need motion sensors too, yet do not, AFAIK, produce the same noise pattern. The difference is that they do not have the sensor floating on electromagnets.

Fourth, put a long tele on the E-M5 IBIS and listen to the noise produced as it tries to stabilize the EVF image with the shutter half-pressed. The noise now becomes more irregular than with shorter FLs although the motion sensors would have to the same job in both cases. The noise difference is due to the fact that with the long tele, the electromagnets are under heavy load to move the sensor around as much as needed.

In all four regards, what I wrote explains the observed behavior. What you wrote doesn't.

Can you direct me to anything more definitive? Here is what I know:

The OM-D has a 5 axis gyroscope located in the hump area of the camera.

It has multiple sensors rather than a single gyroscope. These sensors are solid state. There is no reason to use spinning mechanical components any more. But yes, the sensors are in the hump:

The sound I hear is coming from the hump area.

It sounds exactly like the gyros in my Canon IS lenses when they are activated.

It's activated under the same conditions, a partial press of the shutter.

How do you know that it is gyros you are hearing in that case? I would rather think it is the mechanism moving the IS lens group.

The OIS on my Panasonic lenses also make a similar sound. Just like the E-M5 IBIS, it is audible whether OIS is on or off although the motion sensors wouldn't have to work with OIS off.

The SR system on the Pentax K100D I used to shoot with had a system just like the E-M5 IBIS except that it corrected for three rather than five types of camera shake. Again, the sound was audible (though generally weaker than on the E-M5) with the system on as well as off.

Here are Ming Thein's observations:

While Ming Thein is a very good photographer, his technical knowledge is not always on a par. Here are some observations on his review of the Olympus 17/1.8 versus the Panasonic 20/1.7 to exemplify what I have in mind:

Note that the causes of the E-M5 IBIS noise were discussed in considerable detail on this forum about the time the E-M5 was released. Some people advanced your hypothesis already at that point but it was quickly shot down for the reasons spelled out above.

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