Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: Further delays ahead

Ari Aikomus wrote:

steephill wrote: even if they decide to try a K mount version it would be a long way back in the queue. There might even be a Pentax FF by then

We're talking about different things now. I don't ask speedbooster for pentax mount camera (it is impossible because flange distance), BUT I ask speedbooster for Pentax K lenses. For example PK->NEX speedbooster!

We have already Contax/Yashica-NEX speedbooster, Pentax-lens version would be very easy to design, because contax/yashica mount is quite similar with Pentax-K mount, even flange distance is same: 45.5mm.

Speedbooster for mirrorless m43 is an entirely different story, requires more work.



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I am presuming that this talk is about MF PK lenses and not AF PK lenses.  Therefore what is wanted is a Speed Booster without electronics that can work with MF PK lenses and "cheap"?

A Pentax FF camera would have to image crop "designed for aps-c" lenses.  Most probably "in-camera" and not obvious to the user.  However why buy a FF camera for it to image like an aps-c  sensor?  However a lens designed for the FF image will be much enhanced if coupled to a camera body in aps-c with a Speed Booster adapter.

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