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what are you using now?

What do you have now?

Judging by your recent thread about improving boot time for a laptop, you're spending a lot more money than you should be spending, given price/performance ratio.

It's your money.   But, you can probably get 90% of the performance for half the cost if you're a good shopper.

IOW, that last 10% is what typically costs [a lot] more.

Future proofing may sound like a good idea.  But, from a value perspective, it's a terrible idea.

That's because technology is improving at a very rapid rate.

So, I'd buy a typical mainstream box using a Core i7 3770 now; and upgrade it again in another 2 or 3 years.

Chances are, you can find a machine that's much faster 2 or 3 years down the road for the same price. versus spending twice as much on a machine that's faster than everything else now, and trying to stretch it's usefulness to more than 2 or 3 years.

Heck, you can probably buy something like a Dell XPS 8500 with a Core i7 3770, plenty of memory, mSATA slot for an SSD without wasting a drive bay, wireless n/bluetooth, 64 Bit Win 8 (or Win 7 if you're a good shopper), plenty of storage space, dedicated video card, etc., for under $1K.    Yet, by the time you add all of the extras in (drives, operating system, etc.), you could easily spend twice as much on a system with a Core i7 3930K or dramatically more expensive 3960x or 3970x.

Yet, you're just not going to get twice as much performance, even though you may spend twice as much.   Sorry, you are just wasting your money going to anything faster than a typical mainstream Core i7 3770 based machine from Dell, Lenova, HP, etc.; unless you have very specific needs and requirements; since the performance difference is just not worth the price you'd have to pay.

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