Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

Smiller4128 wrote:

I know there's probably a lot of topics on this already but I'm just looking for some quick suggestions. I'm trying to decide between the Sony NEX-6 or the Olympus OMD EM5. I have been leaning more towards the EM5 mostly due to the style and look of it. For whatever reason I absolutely love the way it looks. It also has a lot of lens options, fast AF, and a touchscreen. The Sony NEX on the other hand has a bunch of cool wifio features,, a lot more AF points, and excellent ergonmoics. My only hesitation with the NEX 6 is that there's not a whole lot of lens options. Are the lenses that are out for it though pretty sufficient? And, if you could, which camera would you recommend? I realize this is the NEX board and that might make the answer bias, but thats ok. I'm looking for user experiences more than anything right now. Thank you!

Without knowing what you need, what kind of photography you plan to make, it is very difficult to recommend you one or the other. So I will make some general recommendations.

First the wifi support right now is not very good. This is the first version that has it, and it is not very good. I tried using it, and it is mostly to upload to pages for jpg. I also tried the remote control with an android phone, and while it works, again, it is very simplistic and only for jpeg. It is a nice touch, but not something you would decide a camera on. Dont get me wrong, I think that many of these things are the future, and will be a lot better in future cameras, but for this camera, it is just a glimpse of the future, not something that makes a desicion now.

Second, the lenses depends a lot. What are you going to be photographing. While it is true that there are more lenses to choose from from m43s, there is also a lot of overlapping, cause there are 2 companies getting their own line of lenses. At the beginning  the nex didn't have that much lenses, the first year, and the second. But now, that difference is not that much, cause you have many new lenses. And more to come this year. But again, this boils down to what you want. IF what you want is not on the nex, then you should get the m43s.

IF you are a newbie, then the nex will be enough for you. IT has lots of options. You will be playing with the kit lens for a while, and it is a good, and practical, kit zoom.

Both are not near what a DSLR are regarding AF. The OMD is faster, but both are pretty bad at tracking, so you wont be able to use it for sport. There is actually an advantage on the nex there. You could get an Alpha lens and LAEA2 for days you shut sports. That option is not there on the OMD. Also, I see more options of independent developments for AF adapters (canon AF, Contax G, speed boosters) for the nex than for OMD. It may be that the lack of lenses make it more profitable, or that people that have lenses feel they prefer an aps-c sensor.

Both have nice bodies. The OMD is made as a DSLR and as many have said, some people need the grip. The nex has a nice grip, but it depends on your hands, what you like the most. Also, Ive read the buttons on the OMD are worst than the ones on the nex. Very small and a bit hard to press. Cant confirm that.

Both cameras have things that the other doesnt have.

IBIS: The OMD has it, the nex doesn't  IF you are going to use nex lenses, you wont feel it much. Yes, it is nice with tele lenses cause it is stabilized on the View finder, and obviously with manual focus lenses, but if you are using E-mount lenses then it is not that big.

Focus peaking: This is great for confirming focus, and for manual focus lenses. IT is not perfect, it depends on the shot, but in general, it gives you an extra way to check focus. Very nice. Only the nex has it.

And again, dont disregard the LAEA2. It converts your mirrorless into a DSLR (DSLT actually). YEs, it is bigger, but makes your camera a modular system, and it may be good for certain occasions. For instance, shutting sports, shutting complex situations where a DSLR is the right choice, you convert your small mirrorless into a DSLR and dont need 2 cameras.

So, as you see, it depends a lot on your taste (grip, buttons, ergonomics, looks) a lot on what you plan to use (OMD has more lenses, but sony has enough and opens the door to other bigger lenses). I think that for a beginner  both will be more than enough, so ergonomics would be the main reason to choose one or the other.

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