Waterproof cameras which would you recommend? Samples?

Started Apr 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
lenshoarder Contributing Member • Posts: 609
Re: Waterproof cameras which would you recommend? Samples?

I would get a Sony TX5/10/20/30.  If you can still find it on sale, the Sony stores were selling the TX20 for $150 to clear them out for the TX30.  Why the Sony TX?  They are the only waterproof cameras that don't scream "waterpoof camera".  They look exactly like all the other Sony TX cameras.  Based on your desired everyday use with only occassional water use that seems like a good way to go.  Pulling out a bright orange industrial rivet and bolt motif camera does tend to draw some attention.  The Sony just looks like any other P&S camera.

As for image quality, I consider the Panasonic and Sony a cut above the other consumer grade waterproof cameras.

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