om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Re: om-d sound even when IBIS off??

Anders W wrote:

Ron Outdoors wrote:

The noise is not the sensor moving. It's the gyroscope (for detecting camera movement) located in the viewfinder hump area of the camera. Originally it was on all the time when the camera was on. With the firmware update, it comes on when the shutter is partially pressed. When I turn off IS, the sound is pretty much gone on my camera.

No, it's not the gyroscope. See here:

Well, it's an interesting theory, but doesn't contradict what I wrote. Can you direct me to anything more definitive? Here is what I know:

The OM-D has a 5 axis gyroscope located in the hump area of the camera.

The sound I hear is coming from the hump area.

It sounds exactly like the gyros in my Canon IS lenses when they are activated.

It's activated under the same conditions, a partial press of the shutter.

Here are Ming Thein's observations:

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