$1100 difference with rebate

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Re: $1100 difference with rebate

Mateo Miller wrote:

Was a long time Nikon user, Nikkormat FT2, FM, D50, D80, D5000 (I think I'm missing a few). Really didn't like the D5000 so went old school with Pentax for awhile (MF lens on a 6MP body).

It was fun but really wanted to experience Full Frame.

About 6 months ago a used Canon 5D showed up at my local shop for $475.  I bought it and a 40mm Pancake.

Really, Really fun.  I can't believe how much easier it is to shoot with a "regular" size viewfinder.

Anyway, I have just the one lens. So not a big investment in Canon gear.

Found out I might be working in a rain forest for a few months and of course the Canon 5D isn't weather sealed.

Went to my local shop today to take a look at the Nikon D600 and the 24-120m f/4.  Very nice rig.

After about 10 mins I zoomed the lens on to a camera box at the other end of the counter.

It was a Canon 6d kit bundled with the Canon 24-105 f/4  for $2199!!!

That's $1100 cheaper than the Nikon D600 & 24-120 combo ($3299)

The Canon is on an instant rebate.

Would rather have the Nikon but I'm having a problem justifying the extra $1100.

Any rebates coming soon?

Any other suggestions?

I priced a d7000 and the 24-120 but it's the same price as the Canon 6d, and I would prefer full frame.

I have no idea why you say "Would rather have the Nikon..." but, given that you feel that way, why not get what you want?  This is something you will use for a while, you will probably be happier in the long run knowing that you got the thing you really wanted. One way to think of it is that extra $1k is a tad over $200/yr. spread across the 5 years that you can realistically use the thing.  That said, the 6D/24-105 is a good rig as well, you might find yourself quite happy with it.  However, if it were me, I’d find a way to get the one I want, rather than be sorry I didn’t.

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