Lens correction and Photo Ninja

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Re: Lens correction and Photo Ninja

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alexsid wrote:

I understand, but that is how Photo Ninja handles distortion profiles.  It sounds more difficult than it is.  I should think that you could profile a 24-70mm lens in less than 1/2 hour.  Yes, it takes a bit of initial effort, but once it is done, it is done forever.  I consider that a small price to use the best raw convertor on the planet.


Hi Rob,

let us not get emotional about software I agree with tom60634 who said:

  I believe that rswa has the right attitude, that is to be a tool agnostic - use the best tool (or combination of tools) that is available for your edit

Some people think that PN is the "best raw convertor on the planet", others prefer different software. Personally, I did not purchase PN yet (after two-weeks trial) - not because I cannot afford to spend $129, I just felt that I don't need it at this moment.

It is perfectly OK to like PN, or LZ, or even Windows 8 - but I disagree with spending too much time on discussing their merits and using words like "inferior" or "the best on the planet". Such discussions are not scientific or productive and are just a waste of time.



You are correct.  There is a certain degree of subjectivity in my pronouncements regarding Photo Ninja, but there are also objective differences of detail, color, presence, highlight and shadow recovery etc.

come on, Rogbo2... watching you singing praises in turn to various raw converters on various forums makes a lot of fun... color is totally subjective and you mix details w/ acuity from sharpening... I tried PN w/ my GH3 and I find it crude in terms of detail, color and "presence" for portraiture... miles behind RPP and even ACR for that matter (that is once you do not use ACR supplied .dcp profiles).
does it have a better postprocessing for blown raw channels ? probably... but I do not blow 'em, apparently you do a lot :-)... may be take some excercise in metering ? or ND/graduated filters (you are a landscape shooter after all, are you not ?)

that I and others have observed in numerous head-to-head comparisons with various raw convertors.

other fanboys :-)... vocal, I give you that...

Assuming an agnostic stance requires ignoring such differences and falsely ascribing all judgements to matters of personal taste.  Ultimately, choices are made on the basis of subjective preferences, but that does not negate objective differences.  Rather than being totally agnostic about software, we should avoid overly strong attachments to particular programs and be open to new and better options when they come along.  That is how I discovered Photo Ninja, which I fully expect will be surpassed by some other program eventually.  When it is, I will simply move on with no regrets.



Your ignorance regarding Photo Ninja would fill the Grand Canyon.  My guess is that you have spent virtually no time learning how to use it properly.  You are a well known gadfly who cruises various Internet forums looking for fights to pick.  I will not participate.


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