Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

Smiller4128 wrote:

I know there's probably a lot of topics on this already but I'm just looking for some quick suggestions. I'm trying to decide between the Sony NEX-6 or the Olympus OMD EM5. I have been leaning more towards the EM5 mostly due to the style and look of it. For whatever reason I absolutely love the way it looks. It also has a lot of lens options, fast AF, and a touchscreen. The Sony NEX on the other hand has a bunch of cool wifio features,, a lot more AF points, and excellent ergonmoics. My only hesitation with the NEX 6 is that there's not a whole lot of lens options. Are the lenses that are out for it though pretty sufficient? And, if you could, which camera would you recommend? I realize this is the NEX board and that might make the answer bias, but thats ok. I'm looking for user experiences more than anything right now. Thank you!

Options on lenses don't matter if what you need is available. Now, with NEX, the possibilities with A-mount lenses also exists. What lenses are you expecting to get and have budgeted for?

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