LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

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Re: LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

Couple questions, where are you going to in Turkey and what you want/like to shoot?

I wouldn't buy SB and a Canon zoom if you don't own one... One reason being too big combo and the corners will be worse if you use it for architectural shots. If you are not used to shooting manual focus, it might be slow for streets. The streets are usually not wide so I prefer to add a wider lens option if I were you.  However when I was there, I shot with from a P&S to Sigma dp2 to olympus ep's with kit lens/omd:

Last year I was carrying 7-14  (equiv to 14-28mm), 12-35  (equiv to 24-70mm) and 14-150mm with OMD. 14-150 was only used at Bosphorus tour. Otherwise 7-14 or 12-35 was on the camera and sometimes only Sony RX100 (28-100mm). I didn't upload much from those photos but I was comfortable using a Sony RX100 even in low light since I was mostly shooting on the wide side in the streets:

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