om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Re: om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Hi all,

When I take a long exposure picture, I still hear a fanning sound from my om-d, even when I turn off the ibis.
Is this normal?
Any reactions are appreciated.


Have you updated your firmware to the latest version?

Since the last update, if I want to hear the "fanning sound" I have to place my ear against the viewfinder, if not I don't even hear it in a normal environment.

Note that the OP is talking about long exposures. During exposure, you'd still hear the "fanning" sound no matter which firmware you are running. For short exposures, you obviously won't notice it but for longer ones you will.

Does that mean that when you're not taking an exposure, when you're looking at the live view, that the sensor is not being held in place? I would think that whatever motors keep the sensor still (or stabilized with IBIS turned on) would have to be active any time that the camera is turned on.

No, it doesn't mean that. Rather, the situation is as follows:

From the very beginning, it was clear that the E-M5 IBIS worked in different ways depending on whether you were shooting stills or video. In video mode, you would still hear the IBIS system but very faintly. Presumably, the reason is that the stabilization system in that case doesn't hold the sensor as rigidly since the point in video is not so much to make every frame as sharp as possible but more to even out jerkiness across frames.

When the firmware was updated to 1.5, Oly let the camera remain in something resembling video mode even for stills shooting up until the point where the sensor must be held rigidly and moved with max speed (if IBIS is on), i.e., during the exposure itself or when you half-press the shutter button (if you have set IBIS to activate on half-press). This has the benefit of reducing the noise to barely audible under most conditions and probably saves battery power as well.

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