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Re: A different interpretation...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Wrong, and right...

The thread wasn't started as one about giving the wife the "old junk", but about giving her the same amount of money for entirely different things. It doesn't matter what those things are, as long as they're important to her. I don't see that as "gender specific", I know many couples where the female half is the photographer.

Some of the responses, however, did go off into rather poor examples of human conduct. The ones who said she wouldn't notice a new camera weren't saying "give her an old one", but rather "don't tell her you got yourself a new one". I think either way is disrespectful. What's wrong with honesty?

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Gear forums typically politically incorrect, so why make a fuzz?

This is why we make a fuss.

We haven't seen Leah Donovan on dpReview since her conflict with a sleaze-ball porn shooter who went on about what he thinks telephoto lenses should be used for.

Leah outed herself for that thread, she normally posts under a name that isn't obviously female. Two other women outed themselves in this thread, saying much the same thing. The majority of forum posters are male, and too many of them have little to no concept of manners (not just "political correctness, but simple, basic human communication) and pile on a femanon when one appears, like it's a giant dating site.

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I didn't want to make it too obvious what thread I was referring to. I think (just teasing of course!) that you might have fallen into the same trap as I have: What if HE decides not to get the D800 in the end, does that mean she won't get anything either?? Your wording around "giving her the same amount" (note: if he decides to get the camera!) is interesting, but I get what you mean!

Must say though, that I have noticed certain elements of mutual dis-respect in various threads here on dpreview. Sometimes wonder why it is that when somebody uses NSFW or uses some comments about a competing product, a thread gets deleted or locked whereas making some derogatory comments towards the other sex is perfectly acceptable (or just plainly ignored, not noticed, non-important, you take your pick).


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