LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

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Rccarruth wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

  • Esp. assuming that you're do not have the EF 28-135 yet,
  • and putting stress on low light capabilities of EF + SB
  • I'd suggest for you to look rather at the EF 24-105/4L or even more so at the EF 24-70/2.8L.
  • What you'll get is a bit shorter FL, but at night longer zoom photos are usually sort of wild goose chasing anyway,
  • and at daylight the addition of SB really boosts resolution (esp. from already excellent glass) to a razor sharp level (= I mean eye-cutting sharp), so one can crop, and crop, and crop instead of [in effect] cropping with our zooms !!

I'd like to do the 24-70 2.8 but that will triple the price and weight of the set-up.  I know I didn't emphasize those characteristics much in my original post but they are important.  I've read reviews and the 28-135 seems to be a generally well-liked lens in a smaller package available cheaply.  With the 24-105, I'd be losing a little bit of aperture.  Can you tell me what would be the advantages of the 24-105?

I'm definitely not too worried about the long end of any of these set-ups.  Of course, it's nice if it's there but it's not a major decision point.  I'd mainly take the 55-210 because I can since it's relatively lightweight and fits in my smaller camera bag.

Also, your last bullet point seems to indicate that generally you endorse the idea of the Speedbooster set-up? Is that correct?

indeed, I do. Since its purchase at the beginning of Feb. the EF SB is hardly ever off my N7. In fact the only time it was off for longer, was due to an experimentation period when I did some fiddling with the EA2 + Minolta AF Reflex 500/8.

The combination of SB + N7 with the EF 135/2L or EF STM 40/2.8 is nothing short of astonishing. I'm using both mostly in MF (although 40/2.8 is capable of slow[ish] AF), and it is a pure joy wide open to watch the peaking zone to travel across a frame. With 135/2, which has then DOF of 94/1.4, and is really thin yet it causes no problems in acquiring razor sharp images. The same goes for 40/2.8 although the DOF is of course much larger, but the effective 28/2 is also pretty desirable combination, esp. at night. And with the EF 100/2.8L IS the performance is just a hair's width below that eye-popping level, but also very, very good.

Vignetting is not a big deal at all  - btw. it does depend on whether one is microadjusting SB to reach infinity with certain [stubborn] lenses. One of such is my TSE 24/3.5L = no infinity with SB at factory settings, so I've turned the optical part of SB for about 120 degrees anticlockwise, and... voila infinity is now not a problem. However, the cost is a slightly increased vignetting with both 135/2L and 100/2.8L IS (and other longer lenses too).

EDIT: and finally the performance of N&+SB with the EF-S 10-22, but it was already described elsewhere .


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