Will a summer A77 firmware obviate the pending release of a new APS-C model A78?

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Re: Almost all my a77 complaints are firmware related, not hardware

Allan Olesen wrote:

So what is left of possible hardware improvements anyway? I only have imagination for a rather short list:
  • A lock on the program wheel, like its grandfather, the Minolta 7D, had. I doubt we would have seen that in an a78.

Odd, I would think that it would have been added seeing as Sony finally added it to the A99 after years of people asking for it.  Seeing it on the A99 made me believe that the next A7x would have it as well.

  • Better strap lugs, smooth with the surface (as the ones on the a77 battery grip). I doubt we would have seen that in an a78. Sony seems to reserve the best lugs for their cheap models.

I guess this is more a of preference than an actual improvement.  I don't think it would bother me either way.

  • A mirror which can be manually flipped up for mirrorless operation. I doubt we would have seen that in an a78.

They would have to redesign the mirror box as well as add back in a more complex setup similar to the old DSLRs.  The current design would hit the lens upon opening.

  • Secondary image sensor for the viewfinder so we can get rid of the slide show effect in burst mode. I doubt we would have seen that in an a78.

Then you would have to relocate the PD AF sensor.  Now you will have to split the light into three directions, taking even more light from the sensor.  This can be mitigated if on sensor PD AF matures enough to work well on its own.

  • More responsive operation. We would perhaps have seen that in an a78.

While no one will complain about a faster interface, I can say I am pretty happy with the A77's after it received the newer firmware updates.

  • Tethering - if it even is a hardware limitation. None of us know for sure if it could be added in firmware. But since the a58 got it, the a78 would probably have had it too.

Tethering would be nice.  Maybe a Wi-Fi tethering option?

  • A better GPS. We would perhaps have seen that in an a78. Or at least an option of keeping it turned on for some minutes or hours after the camera enters standby so it doesn't have to get a new fix every time the camera wakes from standby. I don't know if that would require hardware changes.

I have no complaints with my GPS.

This is what I was hoping to see in the A78 when it comes to feature/tech improvements (not performance) along with some of what you already said:

  • Remove the AA filter like the D7100 and the K5-IIs.
  • On sensor PD AF sensors, whether it is like the A99 and the features it brings or an improvement over the A99.
  • Larger buffer.
  • 5fps option between the current 3fps and 8fps.
  • Higher resolution OLED EVF.  Rumored to be in the NEX-7n.
  • RGBW rear LCD like the A99.
  • Ability to lock the articulating screen closed.  Once in a while it will catch and open up on me.  It's rare, but it does happen.
  • 14-bit RAWs.
  • More color options to choose from for focus peaking.
  • MFA adjustments for both ends of a zoom lens.
  • No crop mode for video with SSS is turned off.
  • Rotate the Fn menu when viewed vertically.  Not a big issue, but noticeable when using a vertical grip.
  • Ability to still take pictures using the built in effects and filters when shooting RAW+JPEG.  The JPEG will reflect the effect/filter used while the RAW is the untouched photo.  I very rarely use these effects, but I primarily shoot RAW.  To have to shoot JPEG only to take a few shots is annoying and it leaves me without an untouched original.
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