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Re: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

I think it can be recommended for other reasons as well. High burst rate. HDR.... well, all the features of the list. Also, for the price, $399 the other week, it's unbeatable.

I rarely see people looking for in-camera HDR. I've never considered using it myself so it's not even on my radar. I think one or both of my compacts has it but I can fairly confidently say that I'll never use it.

You should try it! It's really cool! In the winter with snow, often features underneath trees turn very dark. Turn on HDR, and you get a much wider dynamic range!

Similarly, you can take a handheld night time photo of the city, by having it take a set of subsequent shots and have the camera overlay them. It boosts the effective ISO quite a bit. Not good for moving objects of course.

But it's amazing what a difference boosting sensitivity and increasing dynamic range can accomplish. Something raw shooting doesn't solve.

No, you didn't say "better" but you did say it could compete with them (which is what I wrote originally).

Yes, it could compete with them.

You got VERY defensive at the first critique of your choice:

"But you know what? There is no amount of information that anyone could provide that is going to make you acknowledge that the Sony is a formidable camera choice. Just like religion, you will deny, avoid, and pretend it's not real. No amount of evidence will suffice. Beliefs trumps all. Am I right?"

How is this not accurate? Don't forget that I got insulted left and right here.

You flipped out at the first "lol" regarding your list. Go back and read the thread.

I did? That's it? One "lol" word justifies immediate gang style personal attacks? Really? People are THAT edgy?

Sony is complete enough. http://www.dyxum.com/lenses/index.asp click the search button. Lens wise, no problem.

Complete enough for you, perhaps. There's plenty missing in my eyes.

Such as. And here comes the cherry picking.... and would it be important for a new comer....? NO!

Tilt/Shift lenses aren't for everyone but your complete dismissal of them (without even understanding what they do) just made you look bad.

I'm not dismissing anything. I'm pointing out that the Sony offers things the other don't, and that it should be considered by a new comer. TS lenses are interesting. But aren't there *any* at all for the A mount? Surely with adapters this should be possible? Are you lenses manual focus? Would that not kind of make the mount irrelevant? It's all about the lens then, not? What about lensbaby, or perhaps there is something in M42. I don't know, I have not explored TS lenses myself. But to make it seem like Nikon is a more complete system, is another one of those fuzzy belief based feely claims.

They are manual focus but with electronic aperture control. There are no adapters that don't require adding glass between the lens and camera (to maintain infinity focus). I would not buy a $2000 lens and trust that the cheap glass in an adapter would be up to the task.

I understand. You found a specialty case where the Alpha world lags behind. Clap clap clap.

Lensbaby's allow for tilt but no shift and a true T/S lens will have a large enough image circle to not vignette with a nice range of tilts and swings. Lensbaby's can't add image circle to a lens and they don't correct for aberrations like a true T/S lens does.

In comparison to Nikon, Sony lacks (sticking with full frame):





28/1.8 (Sony does have a 24/2 which is probably close enough)

Look, we can cherry pick specific sub sub sub versions of lenses till the cows come home. There are most definitely far and away enough lenses to pick from that equate whatever you can find!


That one, I agree! The only available option there is an M42 manual lens.


See previous message, I posted like 10 links.


That's an interesting one.


modern 70-200/4

Beercan should do.

200/4 Micro


That's an interesting one.

24, 45, and 85 PC-E T/S lenses

I can't comment on T/S lenses, I don't know much about them.


Seeing equivalents.

Complete enough?


That's your opinion. Others will disagree.

Cherry picking and more cherry picking.

So, end of day, you specifically dislike every feature the Sony has that you don't have, am I right?

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