Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

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Re: Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

Aidan Gibson wrote:

If I decide to buy the K-01 should i get the 40?

thanks for all the replies!

I got the yellow brick + the 40 XS. While the yellow brick has become my main camera over K-5, the 40 XS is just so-so. I find it has very high CA. On the other hand, it's tiny and I like the field of view, and is basically the size of two lens caps back to back, so I find myself using it anyway, because I sometimes carry only it and Pentax 18-250, or sometimes those two + FA 50 1.4.

The K-01 is really an incredible steal since the fire sale prices started. I love the IQ and focus peaking. I got used to the ergonomics and handling -- it's actually pretty good, and the only thing lacking vs. K-5 is a few dedicated buttons. You will probably even be able to get a smaller camera bag, depending on whether you are trying to make a smaller kit. I even got used to no VF -- in fact I think I get more keepers by using all live view. I think some photographers cannot get over the lack of VF, though.

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