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Anders W wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

I'd rather they had licensed Canon's Electronic First Curtain Shutter patents and used that, but also needs the sensor designed to do it so non-trivial. (You have to be able to enable the rows at exactly the speed the second curtain will pass over them.)

Recent NEX models have an electronic first curtain too. Certainly valuable I would think but I don't think it's complicated. It's just a matter of making the sensor capable of resetting quickly enough, which it seems both Canon and Sony can do

and w/ this 16mp sensor being from Sony Semiconductor....

they should have asked Sony to include an electronic first curtain.

well may it is there... it is like Sigma and Foveon sensor... it had hardware binning done in sensor (at least in pre 15x3 generation), but Sigma did not use it for any purposes because of the camera design/implementation limitations... so may be it is there, but neither Olympus nor Panasonic are not using that (so far)... saving for a future model

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