LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

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jpr2 wrote:

  • Esp. assuming that you're do not have the EF 28-135 yet,
  • and putting stress on low light capabilities of EF + SB
  • I'd suggest for you to look rather at the EF 24-105/4L or even more so at the EF 24-70/2.8L.
  • What you'll get is a bit shorter FL, but at night longer zoom photos are usually sort of wild goose chasing anyway,
  • and at daylight the addition of SB really boosts resolution (esp. from already excellent glass) to a razor sharp level (= I mean eye-cutting sharp), so one can crop, and crop, and crop instead of [in effect] cropping with our zooms !!


I'd like to do the 24-70 2.8 but that will triple the price and weight of the set-up.  I know I didn't emphasize those characteristics much in my original post but they are important.  I've read reviews and the 28-135 seems to be a generally well-liked lens in a smaller package available cheaply.  With the 24-105, I'd be losing a little bit of aperture.  Can you tell me what would be the advantages of the 24-105?

I'm definitely not too worried about the long end of any of these set-ups.  Of course, it's nice if it's there but it's not a major decision point.  I'd mainly take the 55-210 because I can since it's relatively lightweight and fits in my smaller camera bag.

Also, your last bullet point seems to indicate that generally you endorse the idea of the Speedbooster set-up? Is that correct?

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