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Re: Good review with one reservation

I have no problems with the EVF either and I wear glasses. I must admit that the first one I bought which was one of the first examples released in our region had an edge smearing problem. The one I own presently has no problems whatsoever. With the snap-in focus aid I've never found focusing easier or more reliable.

I find this review somewhat baffling and hope it doesn't put off prospective buyers with the final score and quotes such as these:

"By foregoing the GH2's size advantage, ... And, of course, it also has to stand up to its Micro Four Thirds peers, such as the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and it simply doesn't have the JPEGs or outright charisma to do that, either."

The GH3 is far more ergonomic, well balanced and more logically designed for use in a professional environment than many cameras costing thousands of dollars more. Compared with the d7100 or 6d armed with a typical 24-70 or 70-200 zoom the GH3 is featherweight. In real world use the IQ is literally indistinguishable from the OMD and gives superb files with lots of latitude for post processing. I recommend you do a blind test with average subjects showing them high-quality prints from both cameras and note how often they point to the "better" print. As for "charisma", well my GH3 charms the clothes off all the models I work with!

I applaud the video portion of this review and find it well balanced with good examples of both strengths and weaknesses. Based on my own production experience it seems evident that the reviewer has deep first hand knowledge of the tools he is reviewing.

The way I see it the GH3 gives you 20% less still image quality than you'd get with a 5Dmkiii, it gives you 10% more video image quality than you'd get with the 5Dmkiii and 40% more video usability and functionality than most video DSLRs for 50% less money. The camera definitely has some short comings (as do all the others) but all things considered it deserves a better score in my books.

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