Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

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Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens (AF-S, not micro motor here)

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

It is often reported in lens motors are more accurate and focus faster.

In the Nikon lenses brochure Nikon only say "extremely quiet, smooth and comfortable auto focusing"  - whatever that means!

It means what it says and it says what it means.

In lens motors are definitely quieter, in my experience usually faster to focus and a little less prone to occasional miss focus. However lenses like the 50mm f1.4G are quite slow to autofocus.

See, Nikon's brochure was accurate and you knew this all along, maybe because for whatever reasons you try to avoid skipping Marianne's replies, such as this oldie.

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Kuvasauna wrote:

Is the AF really not much faster than with 1.4D? Faster AF would be
my number 1 reason to upgrade.

It is in fact slower than the AF-D, at least on the D3. The trade-off is that you achieve a little better precision. In all of my tests so far, the consistency of focus is better with the 1.4G.

I would still say the AF is fast enough to follow action, but if you are expecting 200 f/2 class AF performance, you will be disappointed.
Reasons for "upgrading" to the 1.4G are
1. Quiet, precise AF with full-time manual override.
2. Better contrast and lower aberrations at widest apertures.


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