The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: Who cares

Actually, I thought I said this:

- 42MP image looks the same as 16MP image (from NEX 5n) when printed at A3 or smaller

- This means that unless you print larger than A3 or crop extensively, you won't see a resolution increase from upgrading the NEX 5n to (say) a D800 in your prints

- As lots of people have claimed for years that the 4.6MP Foveon was a match for detail for the 12MP generation of Bayers, then likewise if you upgrade to a Merrill you wont see any extra detail unless you print larger than A3.

- Therefore, if you have been desperate to get a Merrill but can't afford one or don't want to fork out the cash, you shouldn't feel so upset because as long as you print A3, your shots won't look any less detailed.

- I don't believe I said anything at all about my own state of happiness with my 5 year old camera (especially as the experiment wasn't done with a 5 yr old camera. I thought it was a comforting message to share with people without prospects of getting a Merrill. Of course the usual suspects want to pick a fight....

mrkr wrote

All you say is: I, DM, am perfectly happy with my 5 year old cam.

Good for you.

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