D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

You are obviously unaware of what the Metz flashes are capable of, and how to use them.

They don't have to be set for direct flash, beside the camera, that is just one option.

Metz flashes are best used with an over-the-lens camera-rotating bracket, not with the standard Metz side bracket.  Custom Brackets, Inc.( of which I have several of theirs ) makes excellent brackets, keeping the flash head over the lens either in horiz. or vert. orientation.   Metz flashes can be tilted upward, and diffuser boxes put on them, or diffusion domes.  The Metz 60CT-4 has a kangaroo flash head, for direct fill, and the 45CT-4d has one also.  Even the Metz shoe flash 54 which is superior to the best of Nikon's line, has a ratio-adjustable secondary flash tube for direct fill when bouncing the main light.

The methods you mention with using diffusers or soft-boxes on the flash head become even more dependent on the increased power of the Metz 45, twice as powerful, or the 60CT-4 with with 4 times the power, two full stops more for using diffusers.  The minimal flash power lost with diffusers is one full stop, and often two or more.  Power is the remedy.

With the remote flash idea, you can play around with Nikon flashes when you have time to set them all up and adjust their ratios, but most practical situations, especially weddings are too fluid to depend on such a complicated set-up of numerous remotes.

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