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Re: About the EVF.

PC Wheeler wrote:

gregs4163 wrote:

Actually I went back and looked at the final scores for both the GH2 & GH3 and under the Ergonomics & Handling category they scored the GH2 higher????? doesn't that contradict what they were saying throughout the review????

As I recall the reviews were two years apart, and perhaps the reviewers were different. I owned the GH2 and find my GH3 ergonomics far superior -- but the reasons may be subjective:

  • I have rather large hands, even though I am small -- long fingers -- and the GH2 grip was just too small.
  • The base of my thumb tended to make unexpected WB button touches on the GH2, so I missed shots.

Similarly, the GH3 review really lauds its video capabilities -- but the GH2 and GH3 "bars" are exactly the same. Clearly a difference in reviewers and standards (and we know the video reviewer was different for the GH3)

I find it interesting, too, that the GX1 scores better than the GH3 "Low light / high ISO performance" category . I have a GH3 and a GX1 (paid $1000 less for the GX1), a fine camera and my short-trip carry-on body). My experience is that my GH3 does somewhat better at ISO 3200 and 6400 than my GX1. But there was roughly a year between those reviews. The GX1 also scores a tad higher than the GH3 in "Ergonomics & handling". That is truly mind boggling, at least in my opinion. Etc. Etc.

I think numerical comparisons of reviews separated by as long as even six months can be misleading because standards, at least subjective ones, do change

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Thank You Phil, finally someone seeing my point! I agree with you 100% I'm glad it got a Gold Award but these inconsistencies in the reviews really bug me, and this thing with the EVF I just dont understand! I hate seeing an awesome camera being bashed for things that I can't see. And yes I believe that these numeric ratings are more misleading than helpful.

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