LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

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LA-EA2 vs. EF Speedbooster

I'm taking a trip to Turkey over Memorial Day Weekend this year and I'd like to improve the quality of my lens set-up a little bit before I go.  Currently, if I don't purchase anything else, I'll take the 18-55(mine seems to do pretty well), 55-210, and Rokinon 2.8 8mm.  But I'd like to get something that performs a little bit better than the kit lens in low light.
I recently bought a LA-EA2 and SAL1680Z but the lens wasn't performing as it should and I sent it back.  I'm now thinking an EF to Nex Speedbooster might be a better solution.  If I get the Speedbooster, I'll lose autofocus but I'll gain a stop on zoom lenses and have better lower light performance.  So what I'm looking at doing is getting the Speedbooster and a Canon 28-135MM IS.  Here's the comparison I come up with:
Native set-up              vs  Speedbooster set-up
27-315(FF equivalent)  vs  28-135(FF approximate)
3.5, 4.5                     vs  2.8

autofocus                   vs  manual focus
stabilized                    vs  stabilized

2 lenses                     vs  1 lens plus adapter

Then, I'll have a 2.8 on the low-end 28-135MM stabilized lens with close to a full-frame picture, all for under $1000.  That sounds pretty good to me.  I'll add the SEL35F18 for night shooting and take the Rokinon.  I think this will give me a better set-up than anything I can accomplish with the LA-EA2 and e-mount lenses alone while taking up about the same amount of space.
Am I missing anything?  Is anyone using a similar set-up that can comment on the idea?

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