Lowepro Flipside Sport 15l AW or 20l AW

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Re: Lowepro Flipside Sport 15l AW or 20l AW

MatthiasK wrote:

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a new backpack for short hikes. I am 190cm (6.2 feet) tall and so far I used a Lowepro Slingshot 100 or a normal 30l hiking backpack equiped with a camera inlet. Now I would like to have something in between for some projects where I am in the nature for some hours where the slingshot is to small while the normal backpack is too heavy and bulky.

The backpack should have a good transport mechanism for a small tripod, should be lightweight and carry a DSLR with 3 Lenses, some accessories (batteries, cables, filters), something to drink (1-1.5l) and a small amount of food. During my search I found the Flipside Sport series from Lowepro and I really like their concept.

On the internet it looks like the 15l version should be big enough for all my equipment and some space in the camera bag could be used to store some food. Unfortunately I did not find the backpack in any shop to have a look at it in reality. Does anybody here use this backpack for the same purpose and could tell me how it is working for this purpose? Or should I go with the 20l version to get some more space? Of course other options are also very welcome!

Thank you!


These are pretty much dedicated photo bags, with one big space to put all of your kit in.  The 20L is quite big (and deep - it fits pro bodies).  Very nice suspension and hipbelt, contemporary design (not overpadded). It's a bit short, particularly if you're 6' 2", so keep the camera weight close to your back - which you can't do with a design like this...it's goes against the outside of the bag by design.   I'm 6' and find most photo bags, including the supposed "hikers" bags, frustratingly short.  If you're thinking of using this as a quick mission bag it should do well, but I would advise keeping with the 20L bag if you want to use it to carry some fraction of the ten essentials for changing conditions AND all your kit.  You've probably got 10-12L of photo equipment, when organized.

As a point of reference, the Photo Sport 200AW can get a bit tight if you stow more than a sweater, and it's a 22L bag with almost 14L of personal storage.

That being said, it's a better suspended bag than the 200AW and people like Dan Bailey like the 15L, so there's something to be said for it, but it didn't wind my watch.

You could also consider the new Photo Sport Pro 30L - sort of the big brother of the 200AW - which has a large side-access camera compartment that is a lot more practical for grab-and-shoot than the Flipsides are.  Unfortunately you already have a 30L bag.

If you're a stop, select lens, compose, shoot sort of photographer the wide-open access of the Flipside may work better for you, but most of the time you will simply take off the pack and lay it down on the ground rather than try to rotate it around your waist.  So that dramatic picture of the adventure photog isn't seen in real life unless the ground is really muddy.

Played with it, but it doesn't fit my style.

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