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Re: About the EVF.

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Actually I went back and looked at the final scores for both the GH2 & GH3 and under the Ergonomics & Handling category they scored the GH2 higher????? doesn't that contradict what they were saying throughout the review????

Yes a bit, the GH3 is larger but ergonomics are better.

the VF is probably what brings the number of point down : it is a very important aspect of ergonomics which disn't limited to the number of buttons and the way it feels in your hands.

I think that he scoring is right : the E-M5 is just a ad better camera with two ground breaking features, the new sensor and the fabulous IBIS.

Is the ergonomics of the GH3, a small system camera really that better? I was impressed with the G1 and GH2 ergonomics, because I could do the photographic operations mostly with my right hand while framing through the view finder. The GH3 layout is too big for that already. And the three buttons near the shutter release are as bad positioned (finger acrobatics) as the infamous play and Fn1 buttons of the E-M5. The back wheel of the GH3 isn't that comfortable to use either and some of the rear buttons interfere with the display frame.

So, just because it is bigger, the GH3 isn't more ergonomic. The E-M5 and the GH3 both have its quibbles. However, as you said, the GH3 has this inferior view finder, does not have live hightlight/shadow markings (as far as I know), and no IBIS. Thus, I would regard the ergonomics / usability of the E-M5 significantly higher.

This leaves video as the main point for the GH3, irrelevant for a vast number of stills photographers.

The problem with Panasonic is that they often replace successful designs, with completely new ones, which are not a substitute of the predecessor for many customers.

I am not saying that Olympus was better with its PEN only strategy before the OM-D.

Everyone has their opinion but for my hands the GH3 is light years better ergonomically!! and then add the grip and the thing practically molds to my hand!! And to say it has an "inferior view finder" is just false,  I have used both and can say that the GH3 is better IMO and I can point to several other reviews that praise the EVF as a step up from the GH2's so I am very confused?

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