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Re: Sony provides so much more!

123Mike wrote:

roby17269 wrote:

Some yes, some no and the inaccurate ones not for sure, although I personally can meet some with my camera, which is not a competitor

It is not my intention to make your camera look bad. The whole point is to inform new comers and interested people that this is a worthy consideration.

Which is perfectly fine - please note that I jumped into this thread to defend the Canon lens line-up, not to denigrate Sony. Because, well, I am a bit of a Canon Fanboi myself

Ultimately, a photo is good because of the operator, not the camera. Well, the camera too. But once you're in decent equipment territory, and that includes pretty much all digital SLRs from the last many years I think, then what remains is the artistic aspect for stills. I *think* we can all agree with this.

We do agree on this. My only comment here is that, since I have started getting into fashion photography as my main area of photographic interest (more or less since end of 2010, much to the chagrin of my wife), I've had to learn that, beside my artistic vision and my technical capabilities and my tools, the team I work with has a huge impact on the quality of the end result.

But we do agree. 100%

When I got my A33 before, I was thrilled that it replaced my camcorder. When I got my A57, I was thrilled I get 60p video. And all with proper next to none continuous auto focusing. Lens noise sucks, granted, but it's very nice to have access to good video wherever my camera goes. So, I thought it would be nice that new comers could enjoy that too.

Eh, I do understand The excitement of getting a new camera and discovering the new capabilities we suddenly have access to.

Look, as long as you're happy with your camera/lenses and you do not feel that they are limiting your photography, it is all that matters.

Hopefully this (or future similar) thread can go back to a decent level of civility

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