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Re: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

If you search my post history, you'll find that I have recommended Sony SLTs to people for tracking AF during movie recording. No other camera can do that.

I think it can be recommended for other reasons as well. High burst rate. HDR.... well, all the features of the list. Also, for the price, $399 the other week, it's unbeatable.

However, you can expect me to call you out when you start claiming the A57 can compete with the Nikon D4 or Canon 1DX for sports shooting. Fast frame rate =/ good sports camera.

I did not say the A57 is better for sports than the D4 or 1DX. I have defended the A57 that it can be fine for sports photography. I disagree with the claim that others make that the A57 is no good for sports, because it is an incorrect false claim.

I have actually never claimed that the A57 is better than the 7D for sports photography. I have fended off false claims how the A57 is supposed to be no good or inferior for sports photography. The A57 is great for sports photography. Of course, the Canikoners want to see this differently, and they hinge on a silly incorrect evaluation on DPR. It said that 10 and 12 fps has some compromises and that therefore it's no good. I say those compromises are manageable. Where it's not manageable, there is still 8 fps where there are no compromises. The 7D does 8fps which is impressive. But it's got mirror slap, possibly causing a lower percentage of shots succeeding in difficult lighting conditions. So, is the 7D better for sports? Not for shooting speed it wouldn't be!

The DPR review states that the viewfinder lag is there at 8 fps too.

I have no problem tracking at 8 fps. Others have used it for sports very successfully as well.

Ok. But the lag is still there. Your claim of "no compromises" isn't exactly true.

I was not precise enough. I guess I'm on trial here. Everything you say can and will be held against you... Anyway. This was in the context of cropping and fixed priority aperture as a limitation. Those limitations are not there at 8 fps. Yes, there is lag, but it's workable. Also, mirror slapping up and down is a compromise too.

I don't know what percentage success rates you get when comparing, say, a 7D with an A57. I just threw mirror slap into the mix as a possible down side. Others are trying to claim that the A57's burst is entirely useless because of what DPR said. It's not at all a nice thread of messages here. People are just nasty.

You got VERY defensive at the first critique of your choice:

"But you know what? There is no amount of information that anyone could provide that is going to make you acknowledge that the Sony is a formidable camera choice. Just like religion, you will deny, avoid, and pretend it's not real. No amount of evidence will suffice. Beliefs trumps all. Am I right?"

How is this not accurate? Don't forget that I got insulted left and right here.

You also demonstrated a lack of understanding about what more complete camera systems (like Nikon's and Canon's) have to offer.

Sony is complete enough. http://www.dyxum.com/lenses/index.asp click the search button. Lens wise, no problem.

Tilt/Shift lenses aren't for everyone but your complete dismissal of them (without even understanding what they do) just made you look bad.

I'm not dismissing anything. I'm pointing out that the Sony offers things the other don't, and that it should be considered by a new comer. TS lenses are interesting. But aren't there *any* at all for the A mount? Surely with adapters this should be possible? Are you lenses manual focus? Would that not kind of make the mount irrelevant? It's all about the lens then, not? What about lensbaby, or perhaps there is something in M42. I don't know, I have not explored TS lenses myself. But to make it seem like Nikon is a more complete system, is another one of those fuzzy belief based feely claims.

Probably the most glaring omission from Sony's lineup is an affordable, fast portrait prime like an 85/1.8 and high quality constant aperture f/4 zooms (like Nikon's 24-120/4 and Canon's 24-105/4).


At lens name, fill in 85
Click search.


Complete enough?

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