Panasonic GH3 review published

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Re: Panasonic GH3 review

Anders W wrote:

RicksAstro wrote:

Anders W wrote:

As I pointed out, it's just a matter of how quickly the sensor can be reset. Presumably, Canon can't patent the reset speed itself, just a particular way of accomplishing it. If Sony has accomplished the same by some other means, they wouldn't have to license it.

I thought it wasn't just how fast it can be reset, but a matter of syncing the resetting of each row with the mechanical shutter (same speed and direction) so no mechanical shutter is needed.    That may be patentable.

I doubt that this makes a difference with regard to patentability. If you have a reset mechanism, no matter which, it should be addressable by row (if the sensor is read by row). And if it is addressable by row, it is of course a simple matter to sync it with the shutter curtain.

The patent reads to me like they are mainly claiming the fundamental concept, i.e. syncing the electronic reset scanning to the mechanical shutter coming behind to replace the mechanical first shutter, so others may have trouble implementing the same effect with different reset mechanisms or any implementation differences?

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