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Anders W wrote:

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Alexis D wrote:

and the best IBIS around (stabilsing any lens that is mounted on it)

and shutter shock because of that

You got that wrong. Shutters cause shutter shock. Stabilization systems don't.

no, my friend... IBIS can't handle shutter shock caused by shutter... that's why GH3 does not have it... sensor is one mass w/ body.

Cameras without IBIS, including the GH3, suffer from shutter shock, too.  I wish Panny would incorporate Oly's anti-shock controls.  Electronic shutter is the ultimate solution, but it isn't always useable.

true, but the effect is much less because of a greater mass and sensor fixed to the body and does not require a special antishock delay.

There's logic to your argument, but I'm not sure if it works that way in the real world.  I'd have to see some side-by-side tests between, e.g., the GH3 and OMD using the same lenses before I could conclude that this was true.  I have a GF-3, GH2, and GH3 and they are all affected by shutter shock to varying degrees.  I've not tested to see how they compare, but my subjective impression is that the GF-3 is the worst of the bunch.

IMO Panasonic *should* include a shutter shock setting like Olympus has done, because shutter shock does degrade Panasonic photos in some circumstances.  For that reason I use the GH3's electronic shutter when possible.

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