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Chancelynn2002 wrote:

I'm not really following your exact question here, but as far as I'm concerned there are honest relationships and dishonest ones.  Ones that are built on trust, sharing and concern for the other, and others that are built on mutual attraction but decidedly not mutual respect.

The crudeness goes both ways.  Lying to the wife, joking about "I have 3 kids . . . well, plus my husband so make that 4 kids, ha ha haaaaa!"

It wasn't a question as such, so I am not following either, just a perception as to how some people, maybe unintentional, maybe not, are making comments that would be good (or maybe a tad too tedious, since so well entrenched and nor worth mentioning?) field material for social studies.

If in all seriousness somebody asks in a forum whether or not his partner is worth x-amount of money and somebody says, well maybe for a model X1, but not for model X2, because you won't really notice the difference much in pixel count and somebody else says, just buy it and hide it, she won't notice anyway, have done this many times etc ...

When I followed a thread just yesterday regarding excatly this scenario, I thought at first, ok here is somebody who thinks that his wife wants the exact same amount he spends, fair enough and dealt in my head with the issue of the camera upgrade rather than the issue itself. But then I thought: wait a minute, does this scenario mean that if he decides not to get the camera, then she won't get anything either??

So if he decides that camera X is not enough "upgrade" over his current model, then she won't see a dime ... making the relationship balance a matter of pixel count ... the fact that this might be reversed in some relationships doesn't make it any better IMO - and why should it?

It's 3:44 here in Auckland, so maybe not the clearest of responses, but will leave it at that for now.



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