D7100 and SDHC card read/write speed: 45 MB/sec vs 90 MB/sec?

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Re: Uh...no!

PepsiCan wrote:

Mark B UK wrote:

Also, with the D7100 having twin card slots, one option might be to buy a fairly small capacity Extreme Pro card and a really cheap, high-capacity slow card for the second slot, then transfer images from fast to slow Shen not shooting.

That strategy will work but for other readers it would be good to point out some disadvantages:

- You can't use your camera while doing this copying.

- The slowest card determines the write speed for both slots when you write to both cards at the same time (or when you're copying your data across).

Then all one need do is keep the slow card in your camera bag until you are ready to transfer.

This is, after all, being proposed as a rough-and-ready back-at-the-hotel-before-bedtime backup methodology that, as long as you don't have more than about 300GB of data to backup, is cheaper than buying a pocket photo vault like an UDMA2...even if you buy the empty case and load your own drive.

That superfast main card should probably not be smaller than 16GB - that will give you 300 Lossless/RAW 14 bit shots, enough for a busy day or two's shooting. It'll take maybe 15 minutes to copy, but that's not long.

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