om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Re: om-d sound even when IBIS off??

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Hi all,

When I take a long exposure picture, I still hear a fanning sound from my om-d, even when I turn off the ibis.
Is this normal?
Any reactions are appreciated.


Have you updated your firmware to the latest version?

Since the last update, if I want to hear the "fanning sound" I have to place my ear against the viewfinder, if not I don't even hear it in a normal environment.

Note that the OP is talking about long exposures. During exposure, you'd still hear the "fanning" sound no matter which firmware you are running. For short exposures, you obviously won't notice it but for longer ones you will.

Does that mean that when you're not taking an exposure, when you're looking at the live view, that the sensor is not being held in place? I would think that whatever motors keep the sensor still (or stabilized with IBIS turned on) would have to be active any time that the camera is turned on.

They are, you can even check yourself: take off the lens, and look at the sensor as you turn on the camera: The sensor visibly moves as the electromagnets center the sensor. It does make a different noise when IBIS is on, likely because it's shifting the sensor around a bit, but it's always on.

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