Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

joneil wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

For me, it stopped being worth the effort when I intended to buy a 4x5" field camera, some 3yrs ago, and realized there isn't a single lab in the country that could process film in this format, and I'd have to mail order the materials from Hong Kong.

Well, I can mail order from hundreds upon hundreds of stores for film.  And even in my town of 350,000, there are a number of labs doing even 8x10.  Why dont you move to Antarctica and tell us all how digital is bad because you cant charge your batteries.


Hong Kong?   I don't get that one either

Otherwise, yep, same here, agree with your comment.  My city is about 400,000, give or take.  Two stores, both about 10 minutes drive away (20 minutes during rush hour traffic) that sell all the supplies I need for film & wet darkroom.  It is cheaper by mail order, but the irony there is the place I mail order my supplies from is a 90 minute drive away, so it's no all that far away either.

I have always processed my own B&W film because to me, that is part of the artistic process.   your mileage may and can vary, but for the record, I always prefer my wife's home baked cakes to store bough cakes too, so I suppose that makes me a luddite or an idiot in the eyes of some people too.  

I find it strange that I'm considered a 'throwback' or 'dinosaur' because someone has decided for them 'film is dead'.

Indeed for some it is, and they react very badly that some people in the world don't have to deal with the issues they do. I suppose to them their 'normal' is what everyone else has to put up with.

The poster started getting abusive (I guess defensive) when I suggested not all labs were poor, and all of us have choice, labs were ruining his work–he picked a poor Lab.

In 30 years of shooting I've yet to have a ruined film, I shoot many formats. I think Danijels rudeness should be tempered by his own words.

On that page he says of film

"how absolutely great it was before we abandoned it for the sake of a silicon substitute"

So I think despite his arguments he can see why others who still continue with the medium value it, he should be less abusive and remember for some film isn't dead and they can (at least for now) continue to enjoy that 'absolutely great' medium.

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