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Re: Panasonic GH3 review

Anders W wrote:

amtberg wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Anders W wrote:

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

Alexis D wrote:

and the best IBIS around (stabilsing any lens that is mounted on it)

and shutter shock because of that

You got that wrong. Shutters cause shutter shock. Stabilization systems don't.

no, my friend... IBIS can't handle shutter shock caused by shutter... that's why GH3 does not have it... sensor is one mass w/ body.

Cameras without IBIS, including the GH3, suffer from shutter shock, too.  I wish Panny would incorporate Oly's anti-shock controls.  Electronic shutter is the ultimate solution, but it isn't always useable.

I think we are largely in agreement here. I think pretty much all MFT bodies (and other cameras with a mechanical shutter too) suffer from shutter shock to at least some degree if you look at the matter with sufficient care and precision. Different users may see the problem more or less clearly depending on how carefully they have looked for it and how picky they are. On top of that, there may well be slight variations from one copy of a body to another.

When talking about the GH3 in this regard, is what you say based on your own experiences with the camera (I know you have one)? If so, I'd be interested in hearing more. And if you have links to other sources of information, I'd be interested in those too. I am asking just out of curiousity. As you might be aware, I have taken a certain interest in the shutter-shock issue due to my own experiences with the E-M5 and the discussions about the shutter-shock problems with that camera here.

Yes, I've done a few tripod tests at various shutter speeds with the GH3, lenses with and w/o IS, and with and w/o electronic shutter.  It was clear from my tests that the GH3 suffers from shutter shock at the usual speeds, as the electronic shutter pics are always slightly sharper when viewed at 100% or above.

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