4 lenses in, what now?

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Re: 4 lenses in, what now?

Guidenet wrote:

Chas P wrote:

+1, I recently tried my 28/1.8 on a DX camera and I may have to buy a body now! Perfect FL for me as a walkaround, just wish my D700 had a few more pixels in DX mode.

I'm seriously not quite understanding. The Nikon 28 f/1.8G is an FX lens. Why would you shoot it in DX mode?

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure why anyone would shoot in DX mode unless they were using a DX lens and then only if it vignetted horribly. Many don't and you can crop off what little vignettng does exist in post.

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The 28/1.8 has a field of view that's equivalent to 42mm when mounted on a DX format camera. If Nikon made a nice 40mm AF-S prime I would have that on my D700 in a heartbeat. 35 and 50 are not focal lengths I like particularly. It is a matter of taste, once you get your head around the fact that I like the field of view of a 28mm on DX, the rest is just working out that there's no equivalent in FX. That and the niggle that the D700 only gives around 5 mp in DX mode leads me to fancying a D300s so I can get 12mp at 42mm equivalent, which works nicely as a walk-around people and event type lens. Cropping a 28mm down to 42mm in post is a chancy operation, although I discovered recently that the grid lines in my viewfinder display the DX frame all the time, even in FX mode. That's handy, but again, not so much on a D700. Brilliant on a D600, no doubt.

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