pictures of a77 + sigma 50/1.4?

Started Apr 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: pictures of a77 + sigma 50/1.4?

I have mine with a77 and its bit and heavy.. (I don´t know why but my sigma 75-200 while heavier balances better... and the sigma front element is very big compared with other lenses I have.

It is inconsistent with sony a57 (specially if you focus in a back subject and then refocus on a front subject, so I usually focus on a very close subject and then refocus on the subject I want).

On sony A77 with micro adjust its much more reliable (mine needed -4) and at f1.4 its sharp (with a 24mp sensor (mine is the newest version). at f4 and f5.6 its really sharp but there is CA of the green/magenta kind but not purple fringing (at least compared with my other fast AF lens that is sharp wide open, the lumix 20mm f1.7. CA starts to get less noticeable at f1.7 and at f1.6 it sharpens up more. Its contrasty lens too but not too much.

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