Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Re: Argumentum ad hominem

Ari Aikomus wrote:

ET2 wrote:

Ari Aikomus wrote:

ET2 wrote:

KentG wrote:

You are missing the entire point of the adapter. There are less Pentax users on the planet than Canon and Nikon by a large margin.

Besides, the  Nikon version should be able to use Pentax lenses anyway with K mount to F mount adapter..

You both are missing the point.

ET2...This Pentax-Nikon adapter use correction glass. Not a good thing - at all, especially with speedbooster!

You can pick a speedbooster adapter that doesn't use correction glass.

No, you can't! Do you even know what we are talking about here? Do you know what is Metabones Speedbooster?

Given I knew about Speedbooster long before you even heard of the name, and long before DPR posted about it on this site, I would say yes I have heard about speedbooster.

And by the way, the electronic contact part of speedbooster that allows Nex cameras to electronically control aperture on Canon lenses was designed by conurus, and I was on their  forums long before they licensed that chip to Metabones.

So yes I would say I know more than you ..

You need a mount version that has smaller flange than the K-mount

Really?! lol...I think you should stay just as loud Sony fanboy. Suits may be better for you, than the cameraexpert role

I suggest you watch your tone and show some respect, especially if you don't have reading comprehension to understand what I said.

Let me repeat once again:  A mount that has smaller flange distance than the K-mount won't require a glass element --- here I am not talking about SpeedBooster.  You need to find a SpeedBooster version (I am assuming you are planning to use it with Nex/Fuji cameras) where the mount has smaller flange distance than the K-mount. Then you can mount another (glassless adapter) on top of Speedboster (which has glass, I know, genius)  and use Pentax lenses.

It's a stack of two adapters. One Speedbooster and another one on top that is glassless.

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