Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

danijel973 wrote:

For me, it stopped being worth the effort when I intended to buy a 4x5" field camera, some 3yrs ago, and realized there isn't a single lab in the country that could process film in this format, and I'd have to mail order the materials from Hong Kong.

No you wouldn't. You can buy film 4x5 from Maco in Germany no need to go to 'Hong Kong'


You can get 4x5 processed as well if you know where, but hey why so ego centric? Just because some of us can use Google and find film–you can't fine, but that is an issue with you and your proximity not the medium of film per se.

You seem to be a very abusive person Danijel if you talk to people like this face to face you find it doesn't open many doors!

I'll leave you with your own thoughts:

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