FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

"Sharpness and surface detail are better with iRes On v iRes Off"

While most of the time this is true I find when noise starts to invade the image ires will ramp up noise reduction and smudge away detail more so than with it off.  Like you have seen in your images Mike the camera is inconsistant.  Sometimes you see ires off as more detail and sometimes its the other way around.  Thats why I keep flip flopping on my settings and confusing everybody I bet.

Over all tho I do like using ires more than not using it and I agree that SH -1 seems to be the sweet spot with the FZ200 then just vary the noise reduction around that setting.  Add more if you like with higher ISO's for a cleaner image (less sharp too).  It would have been nice if Pansonic could issue a graph of how nosie reduction and sharpness are applied by ires.  Ires does randomly adjust sharpness and noise reduction and will change depending on what you are shooting.  Thats how its been looking in all my tests.

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