Metabones Speed Booster for Pentax K lenses?

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Ari Aikomus
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Argumentum ad hominem

ET2 wrote:

Ari Aikomus wrote:

ET2 wrote:

KentG wrote:

You are missing the entire point of the adapter. There are less Pentax users on the planet than Canon and Nikon by a large margin.

Besides, the  Nikon version should be able to use Pentax lenses anyway with K mount to F mount adapter..

You both are missing the point.

ET2...This Pentax-Nikon adapter use correction glass. Not a good thing - at all, especially with speedbooster!

You can pick a speedbooster adapter that doesn't use correction glass.

No, you can't! Do you even know what we are talking about here? Do you know what is Metabones Speedbooster?

It has always lens elements inside adapter:

You need a mount version that has smaller flange than the K-mount

Really?! lol...I think you should stay just as loud Sony fanboy. Suits may be better for you, than the cameraexpert role.

Besides, the subject was: Why no Speedbooster for Pentax K lenses yet...


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