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Simple solution

rswa wrote:

I am quite impressed with the detail and color that Photo Ninja reveals, but I much prefer the automatic lens correction found in ACR or NX2. I know one can manually correct lens distortion in PN, but this is not always easy, especially if there are no clear horizontal lines in the picture. Is there some way of combining the strengths of these programs — e.g., having the lens correction from ACR or NX2 be read by PN?

I too had this concern when I started using PhotoNinja. I played around with the idea of using PTLens as an "after-PhotoNinja" tool but was never sure how it might effect the final image. I thought about saving images as TIF and then loading them in LR4 to use its correction functionality. In the end I decided to try to play with the distortion tool built into PhotoNinja. I did the following:

1) Took some images of my garage door (yes, my garage door). It has rectangular patterns on it and those patterns form straight horizontal and vertical lines. Added to that are the horizontal and vertical lines of the door opening itself as well as the horizontal lines formed by the door sections so that it can easily be raised or lowered. There are no large buildings where I live so this seemed like a good substitute.

2) I then used the straight line tools built into PhotoNinja to correct the curvature of those straight lines.

3) Once the lines were placed on the image I used the Auto Align button to straighten the image and the Train button to teach PhotoNinja the corrections for this lens and this focal length and distance.

4) That was all that was necessary. Now the software automatically corrects the distortion for all of those focal lengths and distances. Total time - about 30 minutes. Now I no longer have to worry about using PTLens or any other correction software.

When I am next at some place where there are large rectangular buildings with straight lines I will probably take some additional photos and verify that my settings are OK. But I have compared the correction settings using the "trained" PhotoNinja with those from both LR4 and PTLens for the lenses I have "trained" PhotoNinja and it seems spot-on. All I have to do now is check the Distortion and Geometry section checkbox or set the default to automatically turn distortion correction and and, presto, I have corrected images.

I worried about how much trouble this was going to be, but it turned out to be very, very little. Give it a try.

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