The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: Who cares

OK, let "typical amateur photographer" be a proxy for someone whose interest in photography is at a keener level than a family/holiday snapshooter but who is not a professional working to a client's brief.

This person is someone who has an active interest in photography as a hobby so is likely to be interested in high quality, is prepared to make a lot more effort and commitment than the smartphone occasional snapper. They may well be a member of a camera club and will go to the effort of making and mounting prints to hang on the wall but who isn't necessarily so financially invested (like a pro) to the point of owning a studio with their own large format printer.  Such a person probably owns a DSLR with more than the kit lens, can edit their own photos in Photoshop, Lightroom etc and very likely owns am A3+ printer.

Does this person exist as a group? Who knows but for it is for me a concept of the photo hobbyiest, the kind of person who might say that photography is their primary leisure pursuit. I would guess a reasonable description of a frequent, long term DPR forum visitor?

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