Sony NEX-6 or Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: Forget NEX6 vs E-M5 & choose a system

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Smiller4128 wrote:

So I've been looking into getting a Micro 4/3's camera as a smaller, secondary camera. I've been looking online a lot and have narrowed down my choices to either a Sony NEX 6 or an Olympus OMD EM5. I'm looking for suggestions on either one from someone who has one or the other. I really wish someone carried the Olympus in stores so that I could try it out. I REALLY like the looks of it but I'm not quite sure how it would feel in hand compared to the NEX 6. Anyways, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Honestly you don't want to decide based on a camera model that will be obsolete before you know it. Look at the system behind Sony NEX and m43.

  • Micro 4/3 has a large selection of lens. There is a good choice of quality lenses, primes and zooms ranging from 7 to 300mm focal lengths.
  • NEX still has a quite limited range of native lenses. It is growing but quite slowly.
  • Micro 4/3 lenses are compact and light weight. This is the biggest advantage over larger format systems. You can put together a comprehensive set of lenses that you can carry around all day.
  • Although NEX lenses are a little smaller than DSLR lenses the size weight advantage compared to DSLRs is quite minimal.
  • NEX larger sensor gives it an advantage over m43 in terms of image quality. This advantage is small to insignificant at low ISO for most types of output. At higher ISO the advantage is greater but diminishing as time goes on.
  • NEX is ahead on developing embedded PDAF for better focus tracking and distance awareness for the AF systems. Sonys PDAF is not up to the same standard as DSLR though so this is not a big enough advantage to swing a decision. In the future all CSC camera systems will improve to include better focus tracking systems.
  • Flash. Olympus flash is good but not as sophisticated as Nikon or Canon. I am not sure about Sony but Minoltas flash system (Sony bought Minolta) was pretty good. Neither has the same support for radio triggers etc as Nikon or Canon.

The above are just a few things to consider. I would advise that you research each system and see which one will satisfy your eventual needs as you build a system over time. If you don't intend to build a system ask yourself why you want to buy a system camera.

If you decide that m43 is the right choice for you then consider saving some money by getting an E-PL5 instead of the E-M5. Each has some advantages over the other but the E-PL5 is much cheaper even if you buy an add on EVF accessory. Neither of them (or any m43 to date) is a complete all rounder since their continuous AF performance is lacking. I think that that will be addressed in a future generation, but for now I think that the E-M5 is rather expensive and I think that the E-PL5 makes more sense & better value for money (just my opinion)



Thank You very much, that was quite informative indeed! I guess i have some more research to do before choosing one or the other. I had looked at the E-PL5 too, but decided against it once again to the very unique and cool design of the E-M5

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